While at the pool, swimmers must abide by the following rules

  1. Please shower before entering the pool.
  2. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may use the pool.
  3. No person with skin, eye, ear or nasal infections is allowed in the pool.
  4. Infants and toddlers who are not toilet trained must where rubber pants, rubberized swimsuits or special “swim diapers” in both the baby and large pools.
  5. No person with communicable disease is allowed in the pool.
  6. No eating or chewing gum in the pools. All food must be eaten on the pool deck.
  7. No alcoholic beverages are permitted IN the pool.
  8. No spitting or smoking in the pool, on pool deck or in the pool house.
  9. No animals or pets are allowed in the pool, on the deck or in the pool house.
  10. No glass is allowed in the pool or on the deck.
  11. Only inflatable or foam balls may be used in the pool; no tennis balls, footballs, hard rubber balls or other hard throwing devices may be used in the pool. No launchable toys may be used.
  12. No water guns or large floatation devices are allowed in the pool area. Smaller floats, rafts, noodles and other support devices may be used in the large pool with the express permission of the lifeguards.
  13. No running and no boisterous or rough play is permitted.
  14. Refrain from leaning, sitting or hanging on the lane markers.
  15. No diving in any area of the pool less than 5 feet deep is allowed.
  16. Pertaining to lap swimming, one lane will be available for lap swimming during most operating hours of the pool. If a lap lane does not already exist, a lap lane will be created at any time that a member requests. Requests should be directed to a lifeguard or to the Pool Manager.
  17. A lifeguard will be on duty in the lifeguard stand at all times during operating hours except during Adult Swim. When twenty or more swimmers are in the pool, two lifeguards must be on duty in the lifeguard stands. When on duty, lifeguards will wear insignia, clothing or other means of differentiating themselves from lifeguards who are not on duty.
  18. If any member or guest’s actions are considered inappropriate by a lifeguard, that individual may be asked to sit out on the pool deck for a period of time. If this individual is asked to sit out three times in one day, a lifeguard or the Pool Manager may ask the individual to leave the premises for the remainder of the day.

Use of the Diving Well (Deep End)

  1. No swimming is permitted in the deep end, which is reserved for diving from the diving board only; there is to be no diving or jumping from the sides of the pool into the diving well.
  2. All children must be able to go off the diving board and swim directly to the ladder or lap lane, promptly exiting the diving well.
  3. There are to be no floaties, swim arms or vests in the diving well.
  4. Divers must wait until the person ahead of them reaches the side before going off the board.
  5. Only one person at a time is permitted on the diving board.
  6. For your safety, please refrain from hanging on the board or sitting on the hand rails.
  7. Only one bounce per dive is permitted.

Parking Lot Safety

Pool managers and lifeguards cannot be responsible for children outside of the pool area. Members and their guests are reminded to use extreme caution in the parking lot, where children must be carefully supervised at all times by their parents or other specified caregivers. Members may choose to park SUVs and other large vehicles on the street to improve the safety of our parking lot.

Please remember that your safety, your family’s safety, and your guests’ safety and well-being are of the utmost importance to us all. Respecting these guidelines should ensure a safe summer at Foxcroft Hills!