Volunteering Link & Positions

All of our Southpark Swim League meets are, aside from the coaches, staffed completely by parent volunteers. Your swimmers have 7 regular season meets (6 competitive; 1 practice), and the way that our meets are successfully run is that every family with swimmers seven and older are required to volunteer at three entire meets.  Families with swimmers only age six and under are required to volunteer at two full meets.  Additionally, we ask that each family sign up for 1 food event — these are the “extras” that the team gets. They include bringing food for: the practice/opening meet, “Fun Friday” snacks, and closing meet (catered; families bring fruits/desserts). Therefore, please sign up for a volunteer spot at 2 or 3 meets (depending on your commitment requirement) and 1 food item. PLEASE NOTE: 1) if all of our volunteer slots are not filled by Opening Meet, families that have not volunteered WILL BE ASSIGNED volunteer slots. 2) Once you have a volunteer commitment and are then unable to make it, it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement. (If you are unable to do this by asking someone, most slots can be filled by hitting “reply all” to a team email and asking. Be sure to put “volunteer replacement/meet date” in the subject line to alert parents to read the message.) Please hit the link below to reserve your best dates!! Here is the link to our SignUp Genius list: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0448a8a629a6ff2-summer.


The All-Star Meet is the final season meet, and is attended by swimmers determined by the computer to be the season’s fastest swimmer in one or more individual events. We must fulfill a few volunteer spots at this meet, which differ from the regular season jobs. Since it is not known until the end of the season who these swimmers will be, requests for these jobs are not sent until after our final meet. If your swimmer is invited to and able to attend the All Star Meet, you will be notified and asked to consider helping us out with this meet.

All-Star Meet Volunteer Sign Up

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Responsible for starting and stopping a stopwatch to record times in your lane. There will be 3 timers per lane. Timers will be attentive to each race and should properly position themselves to see swimmers’ finishes.

Responsible for starting two watches in order to provide back up for the timers in case of a watch failure, etc. Also ensures that timers are ready by holding up a sign to indicate timers are ready for the next heat.

CLERK OF COURSE: Responsible for checking in the swimmers against the heat sheets and lining up the swimmers in their lanes prior to the start of a heat. A very important job requiring cat-herding skills! Clerk of course works in tandem with our assistant coaches.

Sits on the side of the pool with a stroke judge from the opposing team, we provide 2 for every meet. Responsible for ensuring swimmers are following proper procedures when starting, stopping, etc. A checklist is used to provide information on what constitutes a disqualification (“DQ”). Experience as a stroke and turn judge or as a competitive swimmer is preferred. If you’re rusty or would like a tune-up, the team will pay for your online training course!

Responsible for moving paperwork from the Clerk of Course to the computer table and from the timers to the computer table. This position requires much walking.

Affixing labels onto ribbons for our team and the visiting team. Time commitment is less than half of the meet, but requires staying until the end as final labels aren’t printed until all races are complete. Job doesn’t start until about 1/3 of the way into the meet.

Will provide water bottles to timers and coaches during the meet and fill in where needed (for example, if a timer needs a bathroom break).

Fill in as needed when other volunteers are unable to make it at the last minute. Does not always end up working during a meet, but essential to the successful running of a meet as it’s critical to ensuring all necessary spots are filled!!

Responsible for ensuring swimmers are at the block prior to the start of a heat. Starts each heat by asking the swimmers to take your mark and then sounding the horn. The most visible (and listened to) meet volunteer! This position is usually filled by one individual throughout the season, selected before the season begins.

Responsible for entering swimmers times into the Meet Manager Software, and printing all of the ribbon labels. This job is essential to running the meet and requires preseason training. Being facile with computers is  helpful. It’s also best to make a multi-season commitment for this job, as that is more sensible than retraining volunteers each season.