Foxcroft Hills’ Inclement Weather Policy

Foxcroft Hills follows the industry standard for its weather/thunder policy for all pool-related events including swim team practices and swim meets. The
industry standard is derived from the National Weather Service, as follows: from the time thunder is heard and for the next 30 MINUTES, everyone must get OUT OF THE POOL and OFF OF THE OPEN DECK.

Subsequent thunder starts a new 30 minute waiting period. With respect to swim meets, please know that if thunder is heard, the meet will be delayed until there have been 30 thunder-free minutes. If at all possible, please try not to leave the meet until the 30 minutes have passed. No one likes waiting around for this decision; however, it is far easier to complete a delayed meet than to reschedule a new meet for hundreds of swimmers. Please wait for an announcement to be made or see your league Team Representatives (currently Sherry Cantrell and Lauren Campbell), to obtain a status. If you depart before a decision is made, please inform one of your Team Representatives.

If it is just raining — no thunder or lightning — then we swim.

Finally, the Team Representatives and Coaches are aware that everyone is awaiting an official decision during iffy weather situations. We attempt to apprise you of any decision as soon as possible. During such time, please check your email frequently (or texts if Coaches use that), as sending an announcement that way is the quickest method to get word to all of our swimming families.