Ball Machine

ball-machine-photo-for-web-site-configured-2Foxcroft offers one of the best ball machine plans in the city. Contact our friendly staff and we will set-up the machine and replace it when you are done.

Ball Machine Rates

Hourly: $10.00
Annually: $75.00 (includes unlimited use for the entire family)

For more information or to rent the ball machine contact Matt Kline at

– No children under 16 years of age may use the ball machine without adult supervision.
– Ball machine rental fees are paid to the tennis staff. Checks should be made payable to Foxcroft Swim & Racquet.
– Ball machine rentals need to be coordinated with the tennis staff.
– Annual rental $75.00 per membership year beginning January 1.
– The ball machine should be utilized during non-peak tennis times. It may not be used during league play or if a challenge match is in progress.
– Limit use to 1 hour if people are waiting.
– The tennis staff must instruct user with the ball machine prior to initial rental.