Tennis Social 012 WEB PHOTORules & Regulations

Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club (the “Club”) is a neighborhood family club. The Club sponsors a women’s tennis program that participates in the Queen City league to encourage competitive play for women of all levels while allowing social interaction between players. The program operates as one program consisting of one or more teams formed based upon a hierarchy of skill levels. The Queen City league has two main seasons per calendar year, which are referred to as the spring season and the fall season. A winter and summer league are also offered. The Club has adopted these Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club Women’s Queen City Rules and Regulations (“Rules”) to govern the participation of its members in the Queen City league.

Captains’ Council – The Captains’ Council consists of the Council Chairperson, a Captain and a Co-Captain representing each team and the current tennis professional(s). Captains’ Council will meet at least once at the end of each Queen City season, within 2 weeks after the movement forms are due, and 6 weeks prior to the start of the next season to vote on rosters (“Movement Meetings”). Players eligible for movement will be moved at the end-of-season Movement Meeting. Adjustments may be required at the pre-season Movement Meeting. The Council Chairperson is responsible for running this meeting in a timely fashion and appointing an individual to record the meeting minutes. The Club Tennis Professionals may give guidance upon request by the Chairperson, Captains or Co-Captains. Captains and Co-Captains are required to cast a vote for all matters requiring a vote. Each team has only one vote on each decision. The Club Tennis Professionals may not vote. The Council must make every effort to work toward a unanimous decision. A majority ruling will decide all voted issues, with the exception of amendments (see amendments). The Council Chairperson shall vote only in event of a tie. The Captains’ Council will validate the movement necessary to create the team rosters.

Council Chairperson – The Council Chairperson is recommended by members of the Captains’ Council. If necessary, the Council casts a vote, and the majority ruling will determine the Chairperson. The Chairperson must be an active Queen City player and must have been a Team Captain. The Council Chairperson cannot be a current Captain or Co-Captain of a Queen City Team. If the Captains’ Council is unable to fill the position, the Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club Board will take the appropriate steps necessary to fill the position. In this situation, the Chairperson may or may not fulfill the criteria stated above. The Chairperson will hold the position from January 1 to December 31, for 1 year (spring and fall season). The position of Chairperson must rotate teams to ensure the needs of all teams are being addressed. The Council Chairperson is responsible for distributing and collecting player movement forms to and from all Foxcroft Queen City players. All Regular players must complete a player movement form after each season. The Chairperson shall make every attempt to collect all forms within two (2) weeks after the season ends.

Captain/Co-Captain – A Captain and Co-Captain are elected by each team for a term that should consist of 2 seasons for each office. Captains and Co-Captains should be participating Regular players for the team they are representing. Any person serving as Co-Captain for a term will then serve as Captain for the following term. Then a new Co-Captain will be elected. After serving 2 terms, an officer must wait a full term before serving as an officer again. If the Captain or Co-Captain is unable to complete her terms, the team will elect the new officer. If these requirements leave an unfilled office, the Captains’ Council will take an appropriate course of action to fill the vacancy.

The Captains and Co-Captains are responsible for attending the Queen City pre-season meeting, providing the Captains’ Council with preliminary team rosters for the following Queen City season, and ultimately communicating the Queen City schedule to their respective teams. Captains are responsible for obtaining her team’s Regular and Sub players’ availability schedule for the season. Captains are encouraged to understand the style of play of all players on her team by either distribution of a player profile form, attendance of clinic, play with players or all of the above. The Captain must distribute the Queen City Rules and Code of Conduct to all Regular and Sub players. Captains shall lead the teams and shall be assisted, as necessary, by the team Co-Captains.

Regular Player – A Regular player, in good faith, must commit to at least all but 2 of the total scheduled matches, including rain dates (i.e. 5 out of 7 matches; 4 out of 6 matches; 3 out of 5 matches). If a player is unable to commit to the above amount of required matches, they must be listed as a Sub player. Emergencies are an exception. A Regular player must adhere to the Queen City Rules and Code of Conduct.

Substitute Player – A Substitute (“Sub”) player is a player that is unable to commit as a Regular player. The Sub player must give dates to the Captain of when they are unavailable. A Sub player is requested to be available until 9:30 on match day unless they have notified their Team Captain that they are unavailable. A Sub player must adhere to the Queen City Rules and Code of Conduct.

Player Movement Forms – All Queen City players must fill out a player movement form. This form is to be given directly to the Captains’ Council Chairperson within two (2) weeks of the end of the season. If a Regular player does not turn in the movement form prior to the Club’s Captains’ Council pre-season meeting, they are no longer eligible to play as a Regular player for the season. The player then forfeits their position and must follow the same requirements as a New player. The Women’s tennis program at the Club encourages player movement to appropriate teams based upon level of skill and as supported by the Club Tennis Professionals.

Team Requirements – Each team must have only 14 Regular players. Queen City requires that 12 players are rostered, so the additional 2 players should be listed in the Queen City system as Substitute players but viewed as Regular players on that team. A team that has 14 Regular players shall intend to give equal play to all Regular players, based on availability. Use of a substitute player should only occur when there are not 12 regular players available. Placement on a team is comprised of many factors including, but not limited to skill level, match results, commitment, attitude and number of players committed to play each season. Team 1 or the team in the highest division must be filled first with the more skilled players with the highest level of proficiency. Once the highest division team is filled the next division team, team 2, will be filled. This process will continue until there are not enough eligible players to field a team. Players of any team other than team 1 may request upward movement to the next team. If such request is made and the team is comprised of a sufficient number of Regular players, then the Captains’ Council, following the above guidelines, may determine if this player or players are qualified for movement to the above adjacent team. This would result in a Regular player or players then being moved to the below adjacent team. If a team is unable to fill the required number of Regular players, the Captains’ Council may request movement from the six players listed in the top 3 lines of the below adjacent team, beginning with line 1. If no player in the top half of the adjacent team below agrees to the upward movement, the Council is given the authority to add the top line player(s), as needed in descending order, to the above team. The Captain is encouraged to ensure proper communication with the affected players during this process. If a full team of 14 cannot be filled, the lowest team will have intra-club matches organized by the tennis staff. Once there are 14 players willing to play for Queen City, a team may be formed upon the approval of the Council Chairperson.

New Players – Initial contact of new Club members must be from the Club tennis professional(s) or a Club Board Member. Names of Members interested in the Queen City program will be given to the Captains’ Council Chairperson, who may then begin the review process. All New players will be reviewed by the Captain’s Council, with the recommendation of the Club Tennis Professional(s), or review of any previous Queen City or other League information. A professional recommendation consists of a 30 minute on-court assessment. This information will decide the placement of a New player. New players may be required to be a Sub player for a season prior to becoming a Regular player. Once a player has been a Sub player for a season, they are eligible to be a Regular player and placed on a Foxcroft team at the discretion of the Captains’ Council.

Team Clinic – Each Queen City team will have a clinic 1 time per week during the season led by the Club Tennis Professionals. The clinics will be limited to Regular players, although exceptions may be made upon agreement of the Club’s head tennis director and the team captain. Attendance of clinic is highly encouraged. During the off season clinics may be combined. These off-season clinics are open to all members of Foxcroft Hills Swim and Racquet Club. The Club’s tennis professionals will advise players of the appropriate clinic to attend.

Amendments – The Captain’s Council may propose amendments to the existing rules. When considering any amendment, the Captains’ Council must make every effort to come to a unanimous decision. All matters requiring a vote should be done within the confines of a meeting with each team’s Captain and Co-Captain, and not by email or phone. Votes should be cast in written form and not by show of hands and counted. Decisions should be documented in written form before conclusion of the meeting and reviewed for clarity. If the Council is unable to reach a decision unanimously, then the fully represented Council will co-write an explanation of the amendment in question and a voting ballot. This form will be sent to each and every Regular player, via email, from the Council Chairman, to be returned only to the Council Chairman, by a given deadline. To constitute a quorum, 2/3 of Regular players must vote. A majority of the quorum must agree to the terms for amendments to be submitted to the Club’s Board. Any amendments to these Rules must be submitted to the Club’s Board of Directors for consideration. Any such proposed amendment must be approved by the Club’s Board of Directors in accordance with the Club’s Bylaws before becoming effective.